about us

Skaele is a team of experienced and driven software developers. We help our clients to realise online software ventures.

We do this by facilitating the entire software development process, both the technical and operational aspects. We develop and maintain software, and deliver knowledge and infrastructure. Additionally we help with selecting, training and coaching developers, and provide strategic consulting for board and management.

We offer our services in two ways:

  • on a consultancy basis
  • as our investment in the venture, in case of mutual interest

In the latter form we would participate as a technical partner. This option is potentially interesting when expertise and continuity of software development are essential for the success of the venture.

At Skaele we highly value collaboration and sharing knowledge. Our people are therefore expected to have the attitude of team players: pro-active, result driven, win-win thinking and proficient in communicating. Passion for software development is a must.

We collaborate with both national and international clients that vary from small to medium sized enterprises in a diverse range of markets, including finance, marketing, energy, engineering and education.


For more information

Please contact us at +31 20 851 86 68 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.